Meghann (ditzblonde5586) wrote,

My Late Tony Night!!

Just finished watching the Tony Awards with Dana, I admit I am a little upset that Spring Awakening took home so many awards, it was good but not that good.  I still am convinced that Mary Poppins deserved best choreography.  I think I was as surprised as David Hyde Pierce when he was announced as winner of Best Actor in a Musical I really expected Raul to get it for his amazing performance as Bobby.  I still can't believe I got to see it sitting second row!!!  I was so excited when Mary Poppins did Step in Time for their performance (They so got robbed for Choreography), they have already worn out Supercalifragilisticexpealidous (sp? I am way to lazy to check) on the morning talk show circuit.  Spring Awakenings performance was so-so I was disappointed with the lyric changes in Bitch of Living, I can completely understand changing Totally Fucked but really? 

oh and I managed to stay away from spoilers for the show yay me!!
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